A Country in Crisis—How Pop Culture is Devaluing Men AND Women

I could not agree more than I do with Anne Lorenetezon (forgive me if I screwed that up…my eyes, you know, are not what they used to be). I lost my job in 2012 and have NOT been able to find another. My last job was at a third of what I was making. I turned 65 last September and apparently, I was the only one grateful I had. As the men say, and is glorified, “I am not what I once was, but I am once what I was.” Or the favorite: Young Bull upon seeing a herd of young bullettes in the valley, “Let’s run down and mount one of them.” Whereupon the older, wiser bull says, “Let’s walk and mount them all.” Despite “Fifty Shades of Gray”, gray women (and blonds, no offense Kristen) are not held in such reverence and it is a pity. Neither Anne nor I stopped thinking, caring or even learning when we turned 65. That is why I write under a nom de plume and young image. Not being a male, I would be thought of as a horny old broad writing porn, not a published author of literotic romance. Pity, that….my teeth have not even fallen out and I surely do not think I am ready for the ice…

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Meet the "Facelessbook Friends" Age and Invisibility

Back when I was in sales, we had a saying, “Say it once. Say it twice. Say it three times. Say it four times. Say it five times and they will believe.” Traditional marketing has hinged on this tenet for generations. The more people see product, an idea, etc. the better chance it will become “sticky” and meld into the collective consciousness.

This is also the foundation of any dictatorship, a concept those of us in political science called a “Cult of personality.” Propaganda is powerful.

Last post, I blogged about how seemingly innocent ads and blogs are anything but. Yes, I agree, some 20-something telling women over thirty they shouldn’t wear sparkles or eyeshadow shouldn’t affect how I feel about myself and frankly? It doesn’t.

She can go pound sand.

The problem is when an idea or attitude becomes SO pervasive that it translates into a…

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