Tantalizing Tuesday Tease

I was totally engrossed in the groundwork you set for this tease…and hooked at the end with the cliffhanger. Left with a hundred dangling story bunnies, I can’t wait to find out. Great tease, Ella. Wonderful! Why have they squared off when she was so clearly ‘coming back’? Really wonderful. xo

Ms Ella Grey


Original picture found on The Man Crush Tumblr

It’s that time again. Every Tuesday a group of writers get together. They select a picture (mine took me about an hour to find mine on pinterest) and write 200 words about it. Enjoy and remember to follow the link to read some sexy teases.

Coming Home

What the hell was she doing? She knew that she needed to turn around, to get back on the bus and let it take her away but she didn’t. Sophia stood on the side of the street and watched the bus disappear down a dusty highway. There was no way out now. She hiked her bag over her shoulder. There wasn’t anything for miles except for the house opposite her. The sun set behind it, the rays of light cast everything in an orange glow. How many times had she sat on the porch and…

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