Muffy Wilson

Source: Muffy Wilson

Sandi and Kiera have sworn off most men as they find their way through a new relationship with each other. Sandi is a lingerie model and she introduces Kiera to her photographer, knowing it’ll boost Kiera’s self-esteem in more ways than one. You can read more about these two beautiful women on my website and grab your own e-copy at the links below. I need your help to make this a huge success on release day, Jan 22nd. As a thank you, I’m giving three winners a FREE e-book from my list of previous titles. Get your entries in and share the links below so your friends can find out about Dreams!
      Book Two, New Horizons, is turning out to be even hotter than Dreams and keeps me squirming in my chair as I write each erotic chapter. Lady Ciara dominates a major role in book two as the owner of her own movie production company specializing in lesbian romance titles! Yes, let your mind wander where it may…and you’ll probably be on the right track.

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