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Hermione’s in Budapest on a romantic
weekend break. Or at least it should have been romantic—an unexpected break-up
means she’s visiting the Hungarian capital alone. Determined to make the most
of it, she goes on a night-time river cruise, the perfect opportunity to see
some of the city’s beautiful sights after dark.
On the boat, cute Budapest native Emil
serves her cocktails. They chat a little on the journey, engage in some banter,
and when Emil asks Hermione out for dinner, she’s seriously tempted. But she’s
a long way from home, by herself—is dinner with a complete stranger a good
idea? Hermione decides to take a chance, and what follows is an unforgettable
night which will transform her life forever.
Locating the correct pier, Hermione pulled
her ticket from her pocket and showed it to the girl welcoming passengers onto
the boat. The girl—the badge pinned to her blouse giving her name as
Reka—glanced at the ticket, and smiled. “Thank you. Please take a seat inside
until the boat arrives. Enjoy your trip.”
With a nod, Hermione gingerly headed along
the gangplank and boarded the vessel, wondering what Reka meant. Surely this
was the boat? She shrugged, smiling at the other members of staff she passed,
and followed the buzz of chatter to find the other passengers. Maybe it had
been a misunderstanding, her meaning lost in translation or something.
Heading up a couple of steps to a bar room
full of other tourists, she quickly took a seat at an empty table by the
window. She’d have a great view of Budapest’s riverside highlights from
here—and she was sure they’d look different again once night fell. Already the
sky was darkening—it was almost four p.m. on a chilly January day.
She was so intent on admiring the Chain
Bridge that she didn’t know there was anyone beside her until someone said,
“Excuse me, madam? Would you like to take advantage of our special drinks
Turning to the source of the voice, her
fluttering heart the only indication that she’d been startled, she smiled.
“Maybe. What’s the offer?”
Her smile widened as she studied the man
who’d spoken. He looked to be around her age—early twenties, and damn cute.
Dark, slightly overlong hair curled on his head, deep brown eyes gave him an
intensity that increased the flutters in her heart, and the dimpled smile he
flashed as he replied lit up his handsome face. “It is happy hour. Two drinks
for price of one.” He paused, looked at the empty seat beside her, then glanced
over his shoulder as though checking if anyone was coming to join her at the
table. “But perhaps you would only like one? Maybe I can see if yours can be
half price…”
“It’s okay,” she replied firmly. “I’m going
to be on the boat for a while, I’m sure I can manage two drinks. I don’t have
to have them at the same time, do I?”
He shook his head. “No. I will be serving
on the other boat in a moment, so I will look after you and your drinks to make
sure you get special price.”
Immediately following his mention of an
additional boat, a loud voice rang out. “Ladies and gentlemen, we are now ready
for you to board the tour boat. Please be very careful while stepping from one
boat to the other. As soon as you are all seated, we will begin the trip. Thank
It was then Hermione realised that as she’d
been gazing out of the window to one side, a smaller boat had pulled up
alongside the one she was on. Everyone was getting up and moving to the
staircase. “Thank you,” Hermione said, glancing at the man’s name badge. “Emil.
I would absolutely like to take you up on your offer.”
He smiled, and she returned the gesture,
only allowing the grimace to take over her face once she was out of his view.
She was glad of any language barriers at that moment—hopefully it had prevented
Emil recognising the blatant double entendre in her words, inadvertent though
it had been.
As she emerged into the main space of the
tour boat, she worried there wasn’t enough room for her and she might have to
share a table with someone else. Not that it would be the end of the world, but
over the past couple of days in the Hungarian capital, she’d become accustomed
to her own company, even begun enjoying it. And the beautiful city had been
more than enough of a distraction, in any case.
Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author
of erotic romance novels Stately
(named in the top 5 of’s 100 Modern Erotic
Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller) and Eyes Wide Open (an Amazon bestseller). Including novels, short stories and
novellas, she has over 140 publications to her name. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more about
her writing at,
or on Twitter and Facebook. You can also subscribe
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