Dreamscapes by @SexyMuffyWilson ~ Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser #ASMSG #iamwriting #TTT

Tantalyzing Tuesday and this photo moves me. Do certain images do that to you, too? What does this one do to you, for you? Well, in 200 words, I must tell you the story it brings to me. Several other authors have selected a photo that has moved them, too. Be sure and stop to visit them. They are sure to entertain.

Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜”*°


I am the night, and you—the galaxy of my life. Hold me as I
lay my heart upon your breast and travel with me into the darkness of dreams
and the light of hope. Release the sun into the fading day; give yourself into
my heart and share the imaginings of lovers everywhere as they welcome the dark
watchful eye of the night.

Share my dreams, ride my desires; come to me on prayers of
love and longing. You are what I am, what I need to be to be whole as I come
into you. We will soar the galaxy, riding comets of passion on rapids made of
stars. Come dream the night away with me. 

We will claim the sky and love among
the Gods until the darkness fades and delivers a bright new morning.
We will slip along golden ribbons of sunbeams to dance
between the sunflowers in beds of wooded clover. Make love with me to the
rhythm of the Earth as the sun warms our hearts and souls.
Let me be your future, let me be your love.
I will cherish you forever or until the final star fades to
black into Eternity.
© Muffy Wilson
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