Straight from an Agent: Why Did I Get a No?

I always read what an agent has to say. Navigating these publishing waters is difficult at best. As writers, we are not publishing professionals, no matter how many books we have released. Hearing from professionals is key to understanding what is expected of US, not what we expect of them. ❤ xo ~MW


Today we are lucky enough to have Mark Gottlieb, Literary Agent for Trident Media, guest posting on PsychWriter. Before we start I wanted to say how much I appreciate Mark sharing his time and knowledge with us. Seeing as rejection is very much part of the publishing journey for most writers, I thought it would be valuable to have an understanding of the factors that influence the ‘no thank you’s’ we receive – particularly when publishers and agents frequently don’t have the capacity to explain why (like all of us in this ever-changing industry, there’s only so many hours in the day and we all need to focus our time on the parts of our business that makes it sustainable and viable).

So, lets find out what some of the factors influencing the question – ‘Why Did I Get a No?’

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