Saltwater Siren by @SexyMuffyWilson Appearing in #CimmerianShade: A Taste of Wicked Wednesday ~ #MFRWHooks #PNR #UF #Romance @ Preorder

Splendorous things can happen when 
the mind and body are in tune.
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what lies in the darkness is worth the fight when it comes to romance.
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Saltwater Siren
Muffy Wilson
Was it love at first sight? Perhaps. Many thought it might
have been the work of the unscrupulous Sea Witch, Hermione, long a bitter and
banished King’s Court Matron. So, was it the crafty wiles of Hermione, scheming
to seek her sordid revenge, or was it a simple matter of serendipity? All we
know for certain is that two young royals, one landed and one not, met during a
raging storm as fierce and intense as the love they would none too soon escape.
Was it fate, design, or — perhaps — black magic? 
Who’s to say?
What we do know is that it was sensuous, erotic, and
insatiable as they fought to extinguish the passions that flamed their heat by
indulging in every desire that swept them into one another’s arms. Their shared
carnal voracity fanned an appetite no amount of indulgence could satisfy.
After all, it happened…Once upon a time…


The sea was viciously dark against the waves as they uncurled in a white so brilliant and speckled with iridescence, they resembled the most valuable of pearls. The white rolling waves crashed down upon the swells of the ocean with a loud and resounding smash, then danced quickly across one to another until the wave expired, only to be followed by another and another, then another. It seemed, as she rode the waves cautiously, that the waves were building strength, that the sound of them crashing onto the swells was getting louder, building to a fevered pitch bringing with it a foreboding of disaster. Her fear for their safety was mounting and upper most in her pounding chest was her search, rising with panic, for the young elegant man. At once, a wave curled over the ship, sending men into the sea and causing Saira to lose sight of her prince.
The violent seas were perilous even to the princess herself, so as she looked for him quickly, but deliberately, she was careful of waves tossing debris, trunks, ropes, planks, harpoons and other tools, and bodies in tumbling masses to her front. When the center mast broke, the furious wind brought it down on the middle deck splitting the ship nearly in two, pitching everything into the gaping darkness
of ocean.
Frantically, the little princess searched the shifting wreckage for her prince. She knew not his name so could not call out to him, not that he would have heard her over the resounding force of the ferocious seas. She felt something, or someone, hit against her tailfin and when she spun to check, it was the disappearing outstretched hand of a sailor. She could not save him, the dark grasp of the sea pulled him away from her so quickly. When she finally spied the prince, his eyes were closed. His arms and legs dangled from his limp and tossing body, now weaken by his fight for survival. He appeared lifeless and sent Saira into a heightened fear as his body could not bear his weightless life and he drifted slowly to the waiting
onyx depths below. 

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Walgreens Photo Center under limited licensing permission from the publisher.
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  1. Tweeted for you, Muffy, and pointed out the Rafflecopter giveaway. When the book comes out, let me know and I’ll put something on my blog that day (or very soon afterward) pointing out that it’s out, and that it sounds like a very fun — and maybe a wee bit daring, too? — collection to be in.

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